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Thiblo sandbox article

This is a dummy article, just to demostrate Webmore commenting. demonstrate …Come on, click me, Don't want t…comment me! Okay, let's …:)

We offer a regular, free, ad-less blogging service with this nice commenting method.So, I disagr…

Write your article here, and collect notes and comments in Webmore bubbles: Test.Wa-hat…??? … right in place, to the point.

Our features are limited now, They should …we have concentrated on Webmore. Pretty much …We are developing customary features like RSS, image include, notifications in the near future. xcStay tuned!

Welcome to Thiblo is a Blog Engine, Превед разра…Неплох…И ва…which Dreams Of Becoming A Journal. It is going to be a Journal when there will be content in it. There is going to be content if people, You, write and edit content. Why write here? Take for example Webmore commenting.

It feels good to write a Webmore comment, because you can comment exactly what you want to comment, this one...not only write a "last comment" in a long row. It feels good to get a Webmore comment, because it is to the point, a constructive comment, like a note on the margin with a red marker.

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Development news

2008-05-29 16:05:44 The first milestone: we are up and running!
We are up and running! 0. birthday! What we have now: You can create a blog with Webmore comments. What's not ready yet: everything else. everything a…But Webmore alone makes it fun, doesn't it? Welcome!
2008-05-29 16:05:45 Webmore technology preview
The Webmore demo is up and running! it says >…Well, …


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